Friday, June 12, 2009


So yesterday I went to the old store I used to work at. It is a Portrait Studio/Photo lab/Camera Store. I went to print some t-ball pictures of Avery's team. I left with a new Pentax body. I have been dreaming about buying a new lens in time for Jani's wedding, but the one I want is discontinued, and if I still want it I would have to go and buy it from someone who isn't going to give me a killer deal like Wendy would. So, instead, I am upgrading my body. (wouldn't life be sweet if you could just upgrade your own body by stepping into a store, and get something better for a few hundred dollars???) Hmmmmm.
Anyhoo, this camera has more mega pixels, better programming options, an easier menu to follow, self cleaning, and tons of other stuff... I love stimulating the Rimbey economy.
Now I just need to sell my own DSLR to make this work. Any takers?
I couldn't get rid of my film SLR, but this my *ist is a sweet DSLR for anyone looking to step into the camera lens world!


Carol T said...

You should put how much you want for it! I'd buy it, but we is poor... (make that "we is po' ").

Shannon said...

Great to see you again today. I don't know my cameras but your new one looks like it is very sweet. Anyhow, please email me your great linear instruction sheet with the sudoka grids to

See you again soon!