Wednesday, July 1, 2009

10 Randoms and a HOLLA!

Okay, okay... so two weeks in a row I am late with my randoms. Shame on me..... Excuse. Nope.
So I am going to combine my 10 Randoms and my Hollas today in one post.
In honor of Canada Day, and as a tribute to the best country in the world, I will do my 10 Randoms on why Canada kicks ass.

1. We have great beer. We do. There are major and microbreweries in every corner of this country, and they make amazing pilsners, lagers, ales, and more. I didn't used to like beer. It is a hard taste to acquire, but give me a Kokanee Gold, or Sleeman's Honey Brown on a hot day, and you will have a hard time getting rid of me ;)2. Mmmmmm Taber Corn. You can't get it anywhere else. When I first moved to southern Alberta, and more specifically, Lethbridge, you have no idea how excited I was that Taber Corn wasn't just sold out of the back of a truck, but there were actually little "booths" on every corner with different farms selling their corn. I was pumped. Seriously.

3. CURLING. I love to play, watch, and then wait for winter so I can play and watch again.

4. We have kick ass music. Tragically Hip, Barenaked Ladies, Matt Good, Simple Plan, Metric, Tommy Hunter. I will always love Trag. They defined my high school and college years.

5. We have funny comedians. Russell Peters, Jeremy Hotz, Samantha Bee, Debra DeGiovanni, Seth Rogan. Hilarious.

6. Canadian Tire money. Love it.

7. Tim's. I am not a coffee drinker, but apparently the rest of the country is. I will give them credit on their bagels though. Those are yummy.

8. We have some very smart, and creative people. Canadian inventions include Insulin, the Robertson screwdriver, the pacemaker, frozen food (clearly), Trivial Pursuit, Blackberry, and the tuck in handle for beer cases (clearly).

9. Excellent children's programming when I was a child - Friendly Giant, Polka Dot Door, Mr. Dressup..... ah, those were the days.

10. Smarties. I really do like them better than M&M's. I don't care if they melt in your hand. Why are you holding on to them that long???
And now for a Holla!!!!

Carmelle - for introducing me to Aprikat. It is so yummy. Thanks girl!

Catherine - for coming over to scrapbook! Thanks girl!

My MIL - for taking Avery fishing today.

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Jennifer Reynard said...

Great thoughts!!
Lots of Canadian things to be proud of!