Friday, July 17, 2009

Day One

So we have started our family vacation to the cabin. We left this morning after Avery's last day of swimming lessons (which went swimmingly I might add), and acted like tourists the whole way. We stopped at the Icefields and looked at the metling glaciers. Holy shit! I remember when the Crowfoot Glacier actually had three "talons"! Very eye opening. Then on our way to Jasper we went to Athabasca Falls. (Where we had this amazing family picture taken). It was quite incredible to get that close to that much water! It was loud, and misty, and a good walk too. We went through Jasper, got a quick bite to eat, and then carried on. We are currently in a hotel in McBride, (the newest one in town, despite Avery's comment when we pulled in. I asked if she was excited to be here, and she replied with "It doesn't look like a very good hotel.")
Anyhoo, we are on our way, we will be at the cabin tomorrow. And then, no matter what, or who...... I am scrapbooking.


Shannon said...

Have a great vacation and scrapping time!

Martha said...

Very nice pic.