Sunday, July 19, 2009

Which "biker" is better?

So for the last couple of days we have been driving through the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Every time I go to the mountains, I am still awed by their size. When Cohen finally realized we weren't on the prairie anymore he couldn't stop saying "mounty mounty". Avery's first comment; "Wow! Aren't they humongous?" Love it.
Anyhoo, being summer and all, there are a ton of people getting to their destination on two wheels rather than four, and I don't know which one is worse, so you decide....
Choice One: The motorcyclist who, because his vehicle is narrower, decides that he can pass when it really isn't safe, drive up a closed for construction lane to get closer to the front of the stopped line, and who rides the center line.... or
Choice Two: The cyclist, who is on a bike tour, and insists on riding beside another cyclist so they can talk.... but the shoulder really only safely accomodates one cyclist, so said cyclist rides outside of the shoulder, and in the driving lane. No biggie if there is no oncoming traffic, but we seemed to find these morons whenever there was a logging truck coming at us around a precarious mountain curve.
Ah summer.

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