Friday, July 3, 2009

MNC Sneak a Peek

I have never been to the Calgary Stampede. Never. Which is sad considering I grew up only two hours away from Calgary, and now I live less than an hour away. But I have never been. I love to watch the rodeo on TV, and I am a huge fan of rides, but, I just can't convince myself that hanging out in crowds in the tens of thousands with two kids on a hot day is anyone's idea of fun. Send me without my kids, and it is a whole different story, but, alas, I am single parenting, and refuse to take them with!So, in honor of the Thursday night tradition of Sneak a Peek, I am posting a peek at a kit I just finished this morning.The suitcase is made from a sheet of grungeboard. So cool.

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Martha said...

Great layout. Now I have that song in my head though.