Sunday, October 18, 2009

10 Random things I am looking forward to....

1. In five sleeps I will be scrapbooking for a weekend with a couple of my bestest friends.
2. I washed seven loads of laundry today, and I am planning on folding it whilst watching my Sunday night TV. ( I know it seems like a weird thing to look forward too, but of everything that laundry entails, I like folding the best).
3. Going to the city to get a new furnace. Ours crapped out on us this weekend. Not a surprise. We have been saving to buy a new washer and dryer... and now that washer and dryer will become a furnace.
4. Subbing on Wednesday. I haven't subbed in over a week because I have been sick, and I get to go to Champion!! Whoot whoot!
5. Breakfast for supper. Grant is in charge of supper tonight, and the kids asked for breakfast, so..... bacon, hash, eggs, pancakes. I love it!
6. Blairmore... this is where I will be scrapbooking.
7. Getting to sleep in. I don't want to jinx anything, but for the last two mornings, Grant has got up with the kids, and let me sleep. Yesterday 10 am... today 9:30. Tomorrow????? Cross your fingers.
8. Sunday night TV. It is almost as good as Thursday night TV.
9. Did I mention that I am going away this weekend???
10. Getting some MNC kits done this week.


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kaly said...

What do you watch on Sunday night? I rarely watch tv then!