Monday, October 26, 2009

My Digital Studio Layout (#114)

My friend Catherine recently signed up to be a SU! demonstrator, and thank goodness, because the previous SU! demo I had sucked. She wasn't creative, and really didn't try very hard. I can say this because I was that demo. Catherine on the other hand is ridiculously creative. She always has a million uses for her stamps on top of all the amazing cards she makes. Anyhoo, she recently purchased the SU! My Digital Studio program, and she instantly fell in love. I didn't buy it, because I am not convined I want to be a digital scrapbooker. To be honest, I really do spend a lot of time in front of my computer, and this would just be another excuse to do so. So, Catherine offered to let me try it out instead. And, now I think I need to buy it. Great... it was my month in our group last month. Why didn't I buy it then????
The program is so very easy to use. I think that the designers took all of the confusing or problematic things from other design studios, and fixed them all for this program. I am honestly impressed, and I didn't think I would be.

So, this is what I whipped up earlier this evening. I had no idea what I was doing. There were no instructions for me to read, I just fiddled around, and came up with this! I am quite pleased with the final result. Now, I just have to get it printed, to see if it really is all it is cracked up to be.....



Shannon said...

So, do you know if you can add other papers from other companies etc into the Stampin' Up one..... I am really looking for some a design studio that is user friendly I am useless with photoshop!

kaly said...

This is awesome! Especially with no instructions! Let me know the final result - after the printing and everything. That's always what I wonder about - the digital may be fun and easy, but is the printing any better or easier?

Lee-Anne said...

They look great! I have dabbled in digital a bit myself. I have Memory Mixer which also is quite easy to use. It is just nice to learn new things and broaden the horizons. I don't think I would ever replace traditional scrapbooking. How about you?

Anonymous said...

Yes I am very interested to see what the out come of the printing. I have been wanting to dabble myself. And if there is a ZSU girl in Okokotokes I have to have my stuff sent from Manitoba right now. Beautiful LO for not knowing how to use it.

Memmott Family said...

Good job. I used to be a Stampin up Demo as well. I loved it but my sister is one now, and is much more creative too.. I have a question. I have the MDs as well, and I was wondering how you created that distressed look around the outside edges of the one layout you did..
please help

lizstampin at yahoo dot com