Friday, October 9, 2009

Ahhh Mt. Laundry

Yep.... this is my Mt. Laundry. And this is actually after I folded a basket for both kids, and it also doesn't include the three loads in various stages of completion. It took me an hour to fold it all, and I still haven't put it away. It has been at least two weeks since I actually did laundry, and not just what needed to be done, and to prove this, I found three pairs of shorts, a swimsuit, and two sundresses in these loads. And as I look out the window at the frost and snow, I am struggling to remember the nice summer days... was it really that long ago?

These were taken with my new Pentax 18-250mm lens. My kids didn't sleep yesterday so it was an early to bed night, which meant I didn't have any subjects to shoot, but I did have time to watch three of my PVRed shows....... I love my lens.

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Lee-Anne said...

So fun to get a new lens hey? Just like Christmas! Enjoy. I would like to get a wide angle lens sometime.