Monday, October 26, 2009

Layout #112 and #113

Well... I only finished fourteen pages this weekend. No where close to the thirty some projects I had planned, but I am pretty happy with most of them. I lost my mojo after breakfast on Sunday morning and wasted a good chunk of the morning on the world's most boring layout, but these are a couple that I was happy with.

I am glad that I finally finished a layout about myself. It has been sitting in a bag for the longest time, and I am really quite pleased with it. I didn't know quite what to journal about. I think that might be why I am so hesitant to scrapbook myself. I don't know what to say without sounding conceited.... Anyhoo, I wrote about all of the things I sometimes let slide in my daily life.

And this photo of Grant and Cohen is one of my all time pictures EVER.... I love it. It was only this weekend that I realize Cohen still had a whole bagel in his hand which is quite cute, because I took this picture on their way back to shore, and they had been gone for about half and hour. Cohen must have been too preoccupied to eat!


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