Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Layout #115 - Another digital one

This is the second digital layout that I have done in the last two days..... I think I am in love.

I don't know if this is too crazy, but I kind of like it.... I downloaded a ton of stuff today. Paper, elements, embellishments, kits.... and freebies. Ah.... I love a good freebie! This was done with some of the stuff I found on http://www.peppermintcreative.com/ today. Some really nice stuff..... i think I am in trouble.


Shannon said...

This is great. I think I might need the program. I'd love to dabble a bit. There is a blog I folow and this gal does alot of digi now and designs a lot of freebies (http://emilygiovanni.com/) she has categories on the right side and you can select all the posts with digi freebies. I went to Sheepriver today to get my paper that I won off Haley's blog. They got in some new MME papers. The newest lines, I had to pick up the new Life Stories. Great stuff. You have to make sure to post all your goodies from the MME weekend. We will miss you at JBC!

Carol T said...

Love them - but I wish we could expand them on the blog to see them better, like with your other layouts!