Saturday, October 31, 2009

I hate Halloween

sorry... I really do. I apologize to all of the Halloween lovers out there. But, to me, this holiday is too stressful. I would rather host Christmas for my entire family than deal with Halloween. I hate the costume part. I hate having to come up with amazing costumes. I also hate when people dress up and you can't tell who it is, and they won't talk to you and it is creepy. Really creepy. I don't mind the candy. At least I didn't until we found out about Avery's peanut allergy. That adds an element of frustration to the night as well. Fortunately, the majority of our neighbors know and are considerate of her allergy and will make special bags just for her, but still...... there is a lot of stuff we have to get rid of immediately. Pumpkin carving might be the only thing I really like about it. So, these are our pumpkins that we carved lat night. I think they turned out pretty awesome... So, today is the day. We have a Halloween birthday party to go to, and then we need to hurry home so we can take the kids to the lodge in town to see a couple of our neighbors who recently moved in there, and then and drive around the countryside.....
Happy Halloween - especially to those of you who really enjoy this holiday.