Sunday, January 25, 2009

10 Random Sundays....

so Haley and I were talking yesterday about this note that she posted on facebook. It was 25 random things about her. well, she started a riot. Everyone is doing it. I did it, and after i was like... I could go forever. So she and I decided that every Sunday we are going to add ten random thoughts, ideas, lists, whatever to our blogs.
Because I started this blog as a scrapbooking blog, I thought it was only appropriate to make my first Random Sunday about scrapbooking.

Ten Things I Absolutely Can Not Scrapbook Without.....

1. my trimmer... that's obvious
2. brown distress ink
3. foam squares or pop dots, and glue dots (I know that is two things... but it is my list, so there ;)
4. my 3L tape runner. I buy them in bulk. I never run out, but when I do, you will all know about it, because it will very likely be the end of the world.
5. Making Memories tiny alphas. haley convinced me to use them, and for that, I am eternally grateful.
6. Le Pen journalers. I have finally started to write on my pages. Finally. and now I can't stop.
7. Stickles or some type of bling. I love sparkly things.
8. My Basic Grey file set. LOVE it. I love to distress things. So we were made for each other, that file set and I.
9. Patterned paper. When I started I rarely used it. My wedding album is so very cardstock boring. But now... I rarely use cardstock. Weird how things change.
10. My craft knife and mat. I use it alllllll them time. On just about every page. and that has only happened in the last year. I didn't own one until 2008. What did I ever do without it?

so that is my 10 random sunday post.

Perhaps if all falls together today, I might get a layout done. Perhaps.

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Haley Marie Ross said...

Can't believe I am behind before I even start. Like the theme thou.