Sunday, January 4, 2009

Best Christmas Gift

I think the best gift that we got for Christmas was from my MIL. She got Grant and I a date night. She bought us a gift certificate for a movie and popcorn, as well as a gift certificate for dinner! The best part... she also looked after the kids, fed them supper, and chucked them into bed! That alone is a great gift!
We wanted to spend a little quality time together before he went back to work, so we went to Lethbridge last night. We went and saw the Curious Case of Benjamin Button. It was AMAZING! I loved this movie. I can't stop thinking about it. I am facinated with how they got rid of all of Cate Blanchet's wrinkles, and how they made Brad Pitt as young and hot as he was in the Legends of the Fall days. He is definitely an attractive man. There is one scene where he is in the lake, and it is a close up of his face, and he is nice to stare at. I leaned over to Grant and said, "This rivals the volleyball scene in Top Gun!" he laughed.
So, despite what Grant thinks is the best gift (an oil change) I would have to say that this one was much, much better.

Off to have a shower, and then to the church that I apparently never go to anymore because my priest gave away my collection envelopes...... ;)

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