Monday, January 12, 2009

Nativity Layout

I spent the whole weekend curling. My legs are sooooo sore, even with this crazy smelling muscle spray that I applied liberally (too liberally). We didn't win. We never do, but we did get a prize. I still don't know if we won watches or bracelets, and I won't know until Thursday. But this was the first year that I was actually looking forward to winning a prize because they weren't all hideous! Every other year that we have won, I have returned the prize and bought something else, but this year, I might not.
this was the only layout that I finished when I was scrapbooking with Tara last week. I have had my Grammie Collis' nativity since her death in 2002, but this is the first year that I have taken a picture of it. I love how the flash reflected in the mirror behind the crib, and that it looks like a star that is glowing.
and... I used old stuff here! Old thickers, old ribbon, and stickles....
I have decided that I am on a no-buy January. No-buying scrapbook supplies that is. I have way too much stuff. Way too much. It has taken over an entire room, including walls, floor, and a closet. Seriously. I need to stop. So, I plan to continue with Haley's mission to use old on every layout, and work really, really hard at diminishing what I have here at home.

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