Thursday, January 8, 2009

Frosty day...

yesterday was so foggy and frosty out. not fun to drive in, but beautiful for pictures. I was driving yesterday. I went to High River to scrapbook with Tara and another friend of ours. I got very little accomplished, but it was nice to hang with the girls, get fed (Tara is such an amazing hostess... if people came here to scrapbook they likely wouldn't get fed, and if they did, i can assure you if wouldn't be caesar salad and steak!) and accomplish at least one layout.
Anyhoo, that has nothing to do with this picture. When I got home last night, our yard looked so perfect, (it helps that all the weeds are dead and covered with snow...), so I had to run outside and snap a few shots of our yard.
I didn't realize we had a tree like this. And it is in the front yard. I drive by it every day. I look out my window everyday. I guess the change in perspective came from the beauty of the frost on the branches, the blanket of snow, and the fog in the air.

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Kitchen Utensil said...

nice picture! and you are just impressed that you too didn't get hot dogs for time!