Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Thing of Beauty.....

So I have been designing for Monday Night Class for just over a year, and I often use the cardstock that I have on hand. Well, when Cindy goes to order for the kits, I don't know the color of the paper, because there is just so much Bazzill out there... so, instead of sending her information like, Bazzill Pinky Reddy Brownishy (which, incidentally, is not a color on their color chart...) she sent me my own swatch books! I was excited until I saw that there were like nine of them. So, the anal, color-coded, organized freak that I am, took them all off of their posts, re-monochromaticed them, and put them all on a huge binder ring. I love it. Who knew there was so much paper to pick from??? (yeah right, like I didn't ;) )

So, instead of accomplishing a kit today, I did this. Feels good, my neck hurts from bending over and matching colors, but I still didn't get a kit done. Maybe the kids will go down early tonight.... yeah right.