Thursday, January 29, 2009


Okay, fine. I have been told. Apparently a kit is not a layout. Anything I design is not a layout. So I am assuming that any kit I have done on my own (ie not one I designed) also doesn't count? I guess I will remember that when we go scrapbooking and my cohorts say they have gotten a layout done. I will ask them if it was a kit..... if so. Doesn't count.
So I went back and recounted my layouts that I have posted. I even counted the two ugly, first ones that I did. And I didn't count anything that I designed, or bought through MNC. 58. So I wasn't too far off.
And today, I might post a mini album I finished. Do mini albums count?


Kacey said...

if it doesn't have pictures it doesn't count

Kimberly said...

okay... so what if I design a kit, and put pictures on it later when I get it back... does it count then?