Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Noel (60)

I don't follow Haley's rules. She wanted a "friendly" contest between the two of us to see who could post the most layouts, by the end of the year I guess..... Well. According to Haley, kits I design don't count as a layout. I, however, feel that they definitely count as a layout because they are layouts, just without pictures. So am I right? Or is she? Let me know!

(double click to enlarge)

Whatever. This is not a kit, but it is a layout that I designed for a friend who is looking for donations to her daughter's hockey tournament raffle. She asked for some scrapbook stuff, and whatever I could donate, so I did this layout this afternoon, and I also put together a couple of bags of goodies for them. But, now that i have done this layout. I love it, and want to keep it.



Kacey said...

hayley!!! you had no photos to stall you!

Kitchen Utensil said...

I agree - Haley is right! You get paid to make layouts and they don't fill your books like Haleys work does.....just saying!

Martha said...

I don't know, I may agree with Kim on this. I'm sure she had pics in mind to pop into those kits. It's really just a trip to the photo mart to get them printed. They still go in a scrapbook and I'm sure she has many of them in hers. I say they count.