Sunday, January 25, 2009

Avery's Art

So whilst I was watching Kevin Martin lose to Glen Howard in the curling today, my DD was busy creating pictures of our family. She has only recently become interested in drawing pictures, and today, she drew a picture of our family, and our dog.
This first picture is of our dog Sam. The picture is of his face, ears, whiskers, legs (which, incidentally, are the two outermost lines... the rest are whiskers), and his tail. I think she did not too bad. Until you look at our family picture that is. We all look remarkably like Sam... without ears, and whiskers, and legs and tails of course.

This is a picture of our family. The top left face is Cohen, the top right is me, and then there is a rectangle... because that is part of our family Avery told me. Then the large face is Avery, and the funny shape in the bottom right corner, well, that is Grant...

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Kitchen Utensil said...

uh-oh you know what that drawing means - she sees her as the most dominant in the family! at least when Mardi draws she makes me the tallest one of all - she knows whos boss!!