Sunday, August 30, 2009

10 Randoms.... things I will miss about summer

1. the spray park in High River.... a buck a person for the whole day??? too good to be true.
2. boating. the kids are finally old enough for us to have on the boat, and not have to worry every second about them. (we still worry.... because we still have hearts... just not as much)
3. the fruit truck. even though it is so expensive, i love me a good BC fruit.
4. daylight. i just ran in from an amazing sunset, and realized that it is 8:30... remember when the sun didn't set until 10 or 10:30???? I am dreading the dark at 5 o'clock
5. back to school, dance, etc..... in other words, a real routine. I love the freedom that comes with summer. no major commitments, no binding plans. just rest and relaxing.
6. when summer ends, harvest begins. i am the world's worst farm wife. i really am. i hate harvest.
7. tanlines. whatever. i love them. it tells me that i built up a stockpile of vitamin D.
8. flip flops. i will wear them until the snow flies, but in Alberta, that could be tomorrow.
9. eating outside. i don't care how messy the kids get when they eat outside. i can just chuck them in the pool before we come in!
10. road construction. just kidding.

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