Saturday, August 22, 2009

mmmmmmmmmm garden.

I love my garden. I really do. I will admit I have not had the greenest thumb this summer. The weather has been so wacky, that the ground is too muddy to weed, and then it finally dries up enough to get out there, and what do you know??? It pours again. And I really hate weeding. I don't know what it is about Southern Alberta weeds, but they grow like, well, weeds! When we got back from our 10 days at the cabin, I could not believe the size of those suckers. Most were taller than the potato plants! It was crazy.

Last year we planted carrots, potatoes and dill. We had a ton of potatoes and carrots at the end of the season, but didn't store them properly, and well, we had a ton of stuff for compost....... This year though, this year is shaping up to be a great garden year!I was also concerned about my potatoes because only one plant out of two and a half rows bloomed. I was sure this meant that I would have nothing under the plants, but last night, we dug a hill, and the potatoes were HUGE!!!!! I was actually a little sad that there weren't more little baby taters because I love oven roasted baby potatoes. Love them.So we dug potatoes, and carrots which were also amazing, and picked some green onions as well. I put all of those together in some foil with some Red Garlic Sansel from Epicure, and cooked them up on the BBQ. They were to die for.... and remarkably healthy too. There is so much to be said for having your own veggies, that you grew with your own hands. I can't wait to pick my dill and make pickles with Tara this fall. So much to look forward to. I think that next year I will up the ante and plant lettuce and brocolli too!

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Martha said...

Your potatoes look so good. So jealous. My garden didn't get graced with potatoes this year, but next year it will.