Friday, August 28, 2009

Layout #100 - yet another MME

I will never get tired of their stuff. I love it so much that I really don't want to use it. I would love to just frame it all and put it up around my house as art.
But, alas, that would be silly... so, I have completed this layout of Avery in our backyard blowing dandelion puffs. Nothing like reseeding the damn things! But what a cute picture.... so.... whatever.And... this is my 100th layout I have posted since January! Wow! I am excited. Especially because I am going to Pincher Creek this weekend and will hopefully get a lot more done!
Ahhhh... Pincher. A night away from the screaming, chasing, battling children. One minor escape before back to school! Yay!


Shannon said...

Another fab layout! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Jennifer Reynard said...

Good on ya girl! I don't think that
I have even created 100 layouts in my
entire life. Do you have another goal before Christmas. Just wondering as you seem to be on a roll!

Martha said...

What a great pic and layout. Love it!