Thursday, August 20, 2009

Layout # 96

yet another layout with MME stuff. So what? whatever? I love it. and it was too perfect to not use on the pictures of Cohen and our neighbor girl Lily eating chocolate ice cream this May Long Weekend. They were "hiding" in the playhouse at our friend's place and got covered in ice cream. they loved pointing out the other's sloppiness. never mind their own!
I love that both Avery and Cohen have kids that live so close to us that are the exact same age. They will be friends before school starts, which will make going easier.

I should run. i have neglected my family all day so I could help Haley with layouts at her store. What a dedicated friend I am........ ;)

And.... I also need to go and bath the kids so I can chuck them into bed and I can watch Big Brother!

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Shannon said...

I love what you are doing with all the MME papers!