Thursday, August 13, 2009

That didn't take long......

Literally. Not only getting a page done in my sister's wedding album four days after the nuptials... but this also came together in like... no time at all. Maybe twenty minutes. I did a wedding album for my middle sister four years ago, and am now doing one for my little sister. Neither scrapbook (obviously... or they would do one themselves), and so I wanted them to each have one. This means I get to make them. But, I am not going overly crazy on every page. I am going to keep the embellishing to a minimum, and I am going to use up a lot of my stash!
Case in point: EVERYTHING on this layout (with the exception of the patterned paper that is the background) is old!!!

(sorry the pic is crap... i didn't realize I was getting glossy enlargements, and you can see my reflection in the picture...)


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Shannon said...

Looks great. I really must finish my wedding album however, I have baby pictures to scrap now!