Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Layout #98

I love this layout. I think it is because I love the picture so much. This was on our summer vacation this July. We spent a very long afternoon on the boat, got 13 miles down to the other end of the lake, and the boat quit. When we first got our boat, we were on the lake at our place and the same thing happened. It was a wicked hot day, and the boat vapor locked???? whatever that means? so I suggested that was what happened that day as well. That suggestions was not well received as it would mean paddling to shore, and then finding a way 13 miles back home on foot.....
Needless to say, we spent some time just floating around, and Avery finally calmed down enough to give me this cute little grin. And shortly after, I realized that the stop/run switch had been knocked off..... and yet again I saved the day!

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