Sunday, October 26, 2008

catch up...

I haven't blogged lately, and I think my crazy life has something to do with it. We went to Lethbridge on a rush trip on Thursday night. Yeah. I know. What was I thinking?? I missed all my Thursday TV. Then I went again on Saturday to pick up shingles for our shop. Grant is reshingling it, and we ran out. Surprise, surprise.
Today was a super fun day tho. We went to Mardi's princess birthday party and had a great time! It was a girls only party, and Tara went all out. The girls got their toenails done, they decorated tiaras and wands, played princess games, and ate the yummiest cake. I hate when she does this because then I feel obligated to try and do something equally nice for my kids..... I wish Avery would forget what a birthday at the Kitchen's is like so that the ones at our house aren't so lame!

Grant leaves for work in a week and I really don't know what the hell I am going to do. I have really come to rely on him these past months, and the two weeks he will be gone are going to kill me. I know it.


Kitchen Utensil said...

ASS....glad you had fun! Mardi is still vibrating!!!

Kacey said...

I hear you can't go to the jingle crop because grants outta town? Bring your kids and scrapbook at my house... i promise i don't live in a Glass palace like kitchen does...! We can pretend?!