Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Finally, some weekend work...

So I have finally gotten around to posting some of the layouts that I managed to accomplish this weekend. I didn't get much done, that is for sure. I only finished 12 layouts. And 10 of them were single page, so, really not a productive weekend. I do like what I finished, so that is really all that matters, right?
Anyhoo, this layout uses the Lucky You accessories that I got from Haley's store. I love the moustache. Love it. It is so cute, and makes Cohen look like a real grown-up. And I used old stuff on this layout. (It wasn't mine... it was Christy's, but it was old stuff none the less!) The tag, photo anchors, brads, and slide mount were all old things.

This layout was inspired by Kacey. She was distressing one of her own layouts, and I loved the masking technique that she used, so of course, I copied her. This layout is the second last layout that needed to be done for the first half of Cohen's first year album. I am still waiting for my MIL to find a photo of Grant's dad so I can do the namesake page, so until then, the first half will be unfinished. I like how simple, but finished this layout looks.

I will hopefully get around to posting a few more later. It is Grant's birthday today, and I should really be cooking his birthday supper, and birthday pie!

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Kacey said...

Thank you Thank you very MUCH!