Tuesday, October 28, 2008

why is it

that I can only finish a kit when my kids are up? I have quickly come to realize that my creative juices don't flow when I have two kids running wild in their playroom. I concentrate too much on what they are getting into and not on my creative process. I did manage to do this kit yesterday while Cohen slept, and Avery played with her new pop beads. But alas, it is a kit. A kit I love, don't get me wrong... and I have pictures from the weekend scrapbooked already, and the kit goes perfectly with the photos, but I kind of miss creating on my own. What a whiner. Wasn't I just scrapbooking last weekend? Wasn't I creative then???
Anyhoo, this is a leftover kit from a class that Christy taught at Paper Pastimes earlier this year. I love it.......

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Kitchen Utensil said...

very cute! still love that hairdo!