Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween has come and gone.... Thank God!

Avery has been vibrating about Halloween for the last week. Every day she would go into the kitchen and "check" the candy. "Yep - it still smells good!" Too funny.

Tonight Grant and I shared the passing-out-candy-taking-the-kids-around gig. This is the first year that I have taken the kids. I usually get to stay home and wait around for Trick or Treaters, but this year, Grant took the "north" section and I took the kids south. We hit up 12 houses, and they both have enough candy to last them well until Christmas. Country trick or treating rocks. It really does. I honestly think there is enough candy in our house for each of us to eat one treat a day, and make it until Christmas....... yummy.
Both kids are in bed, and I should be doing the same, but I think I need one last chocolate fix.....

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Kitchen Utensil said...

Betcha can't wait to scrapbook those pics!!!