Tuesday, October 14, 2008

today is the day.....

so 37 or so days ago, the Conservative Party called an election. and today is the day I get to go and vote. I love that a Canadian campaign lasts 6 weeks. I am so sick of the American campaign trail. Why does it have to take so long, and why do they have to spend so much money on their bid for the White House? can't that money be put to good use in other ways???? I can think of several. What about healthcare? or saving the sub prime fiasco, or dealing with violent crime and school shootings. I am happy that I don't live there. But my SIL and BIL do. Mike just came home from Iraq, and now I get to hear about how great McCain and Palin are. They both love them. As does my MIL. I am not sure either will be that great for the US, but I can't bear another 4 years of repbulicans. I just can't.
That said, the Conservatives will likely win here today. I know they will kick ass in my riding, which is why I think there might be a lot of apathy among the youth vote. It is hard to get worked up for a party, when you know they have absolutely no hope of winning. I am not saying that I want the Liberals to win, but I am also not convinced that I want the Conservatives back in power. Don't get me wrong. They have done some really great things the last couple of years, but I find Stephen Harper so ridiculously boring and lacking and charisma that I can't bring myself to listen to him.
Anyhoo, I will do my civic duty, and I will drive into Vulcan and cast my vote. It won't make a difference one way or the other, but at least I will now have the right to bitch if I feel so inclined........... (not that I ever bitch.....) ;)

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