Saturday, October 11, 2008

Flash of Genius

So Grant and I went on a date last night. A real, live date. Except that we had to drop off his mom's dryclesaning, and she was half an hour late to take care of the kids, so the dinner that we had planned at The Keg, turned into Pizza Hut Express at the theatre.
Anyhoo, we went and saw "Flash of Genius". It is about the guy who invented the intermittent windshield wiper, and how Ford took his idea, and stole his patent. He spend the next 12 years of his life dedicated to getting Ford to admit that the idea was his. He was offered lots of money to drop the lawsuit, but it was never about money for him. His wife left him, and his family was resentful towards him for a while.

Grant was really mad that he didn't take the money and try to rebuild his family. He argued that it isn't about the idea, and that family is what matters. However, I can totally see this guy's point. I kind of know how he feels. I certainly haven't invented anything that is as relevant as a windshield wiper, but I know why he was angry that someone took his idea and passed it off as their own.

A layout that I posted on here and on facebook that was born from the creativity of Haley, Tara and myself didn't get published. But one that looks eerily familiar, and not as creative did. It seems a little suspect that all the things we included on the layout; and not normal embellishmenty type things, ended up on this other one too.

I know that everyone scraplifts. I do. But I don't scraplift an idea, and then pass it off as my own.

Okay. I am really done with that now.

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Kitchen Utensil said...

yes you need to be done with it - you know why?? you are a WAY BETTER scrapbooker than what that stupid magazine is looking for - I have not found a layout in there to scraplift yet! I think you need to set your sights way higher and get published in one that we love to receive in the mail box monthly. there I am done with that! your pbff