Sunday, April 19, 2009

10 Randoms... Lists

I love to make lists. But rarely lists for grocery shopping. Which is why I came home with $263 worth of groceries yesterday. I went to the store for produce, and I bought all of that. Anyhoo, my randoms this week are a list of lists I want to make.... is that weird?

1. a list of my favorite commercials of all time.
2. a list of places I would like to travel to
3. a list of my favorite books, and why I enjoyed them so much
4. a list of what clothes I really need to buy, so I have something appropriate for work.
5. a budget list of sorts. I don't really want to know how little money we have, but I think it might be beneficial.
6. a list of the flowers I love
7. a list of all of the funny things Avery says
8. a list of my hoodies (obsessive... I know)
9. a list of what i absolutely HAVE to get accomplished this week.
10. a list of what needs to go to Calgary, where it needs to get dropped off, and then actually take the stuff I need to

I won't actually make all of these lists, some I have started, but most are in my head. I don't know where I would keep all of them, or what purpose they would serve, but a list of lists is done.


Martha said...

Okay, it's official and I'm sorry to tell are crazy enough that we can actually be friends. Possibly even good friends.

Haley Marie Ross said...

For my fav. commericials I would include the Justin timberlake Pepsi commercial and the Sumo Wrestlers washing the car for Saab..... thats a tough list.... I wonder if you could find them all on YouTube?