Sunday, April 5, 2009

10 Randoms.....

I wanted to copy Haley for once. i mean, she copies me all the time after all........ oh wait. No she doesn't. Whatever.

I am doing my 10 randoms on things that I apparently collect as well..... It is funny what she and I have in common.
1. Bath towels. I don't want to have as many towels as I do. I don't know why we have so many, and so many different colors. I have 8 white, 4 tan, 4 brown, 3 (why 3??) light blue, 6 navy blue, 2 black, 4 dark green, and 2 olive green. Why???
2. Water bottles. I too collect water bottles. I used to have a lot more when I taught, because I would always leave one at school, it would "mysteriously" disappear, and then I would go and buy another.... Now, I just buy them because they are cool.

3. Patterned Paper. duh. Isn't the mess of paper in my room obvious? I don't want as much paper as I have. I wish I would use it up, but I just don't want to cover it up....

4. Post-It Notes. I love, love, love post-its. Love them. I have flags, tags, stacks, letters, large, small, I have them all. And, I have tried to buy the cheap ones. I tried. They suck. Why bother?
5. Cookbooks. I too, like Haley, collect cookbooks. however, unlike Haley... I don't pour over them. I have them, I use two or three of them, and the rest I flip through occasionally. Then i decide that I am too picky, and won't make anything from that particular book. Then i put it back on the shelf.

6. Hoodies. How many hoodies does one SAHM need? 17 apparently. Yes. I have that many. I love a good hoodie. I love that you can wear one, and not have to worry about sucking in your gut. That is why I love hoodies.

7. Baskets. I have tons and tons of baskets. I mean tons. And most are empty. How dumb is that.
8. Underwear. This probably falls under the category of too much information. But I have enough underwear that I could go over three weeks without needing to launder. (Just be thankful I didn't post a picture of that!)

9. Picture Frames. When I used to work at the potrait studio in Rimbey, I would get photo frames at a wicked deal. I bought so many of them. I still have tons that are empty. And who can resist those RACKET frames from IKEA? I can't I have at least eight three packs of them.....
10. Scissors. Not including the five pairs of scissors I have for scrapbooking, I have six other pairs of scissors in the house. (And one in my Tahoe...)

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Kacey said...

Which pair of scissors did you use to cut your hair with? Was it hard to choose?
Thanks for not showing us your ginch drawer we appreciate it A LOT!