Sunday, April 26, 2009

10 Randoms..... Why I love to go for walks....

I am deprived of going for walks when Grant is away at work. I don't have anyone to watch the kids, and I am not willing to take them out on the country when he comes home, I try to get out every day..... so tonight, I left supper dishes on the counter, and went for a stroll.
1. I love to get a little bit of fresh air. It really is refreshing. Especially after a day of snow flurries, and rain drops....
2. I love my walking poles. They add so much to the walk. My arms are burning after a 2km walk, just by using poles..... that is a good sign.
3. I love that I am slightly out of breath when I get home. That tells me that I have actually done something out there.
4. I love to have a little tiny break from my daily routine.
5. I love that I came back home to supper dishes cleaned up, kids in PJs, and the playroom was tidy... was I really gone that long?
6. I love my Saucony runners. They are so comfy. It is the only kind of athletic shoes I have owned since I started teaching and needed some for my oh-so-enjoyable-PE-classes.
7. I love listening to my satellite radio. Grant bought me one that allows me to save music directly from the radio, and it is also portable. So I pump it up, and try to keep up with the beat. ;)
8. I love how good a glass of water tastes when I get back. And I love how quickly I can drink that glass of water.
9. I love that some gal pals want to start a little walking thingy once a week. I can always use more girl time....
10. I love that Grant looks after the kids while I walk. Him looking after the kids means he is home, and I love when he is home.

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