Sunday, April 19, 2009

Funny funny Avery

So our washing machine is on it's last legs. Last night while trying to play catch up on some of the mounting piles, it began making a wonderful squealing/clanking/whining sound. And it was loud enough to wake Cohen up....
Anyhoo, Avery was quite worried about it all, and this is how our conversation went last night.

"Mom, I think our washing machine is broken."
"I think you are right. Maybe we will need to get a new one."
"But how can we? It won't fit in our truck."
"Hmmmmm. What will we do?"
"Maybe we will have to make our own."
"Do you know how to make a washing machine? I don't."
"I don't either. Maybe we will have to use the bath tub, and then let them dry on the carpet."
"Hmmmm. That is an interesting idea."
"Or maybe we should go to the laundry man and get him to fix it."
"The laundry man?"
"Yep, the laundry man. He will fix all of our clothes. And our washing machine."
"Who is the laundry man?"
"It isn't a who. It is a place."
"Do you mean the laundromat?"
"Yeah. The laundry man."


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