Thursday, April 2, 2009

I am blessed. Truly blessed.

I have heard more bad and sad things today, than I did the whole month of March. It makes me think that even though things don't always go the way I want, that I don't have the house of my dreams, that we aren't rolling in dough, I am still a very blessed and lucky woman.

I have a friend who survived and left a very abusive relationship. I am blessed to have a husband who loves me dearly, despite most of my failings.

I have a friend who is no longer able to afford her truck and holiday trailer, her family is living off of their credit cards and line of credit, and she said that they are already in the red for the month, and it is only the second. I am blessed to have a house over my head, a somewhat consistent subbing job, a husband who is employed and is making enough to support us right now, and minimal debt compared to several others out there.

I have a friend who had her first baby on Tuesday. The baby was born with the cord wrapped around her neck, and then swallowed meconium. Their baby had to be air-lifted to Edmonton on Tuesday afternoon. Things seem to be better today, but she is still in NICU. I am blessed that I have two healthy and happy and exuberant children. When they are driving me nuts yelling and screaming and running around, I need to remember that they have voices with which they will one day be able to use to defend themselves. They have two legs that will take them anywhere they want to go. I am blessed.

I have a friend who just ended her marriage after five years. She is now a single mom, and isn't sure how she will be able to afford to continue the way she has in the past. She is already listing her house, looking for something smaller, and is worried about her bills. Her ex is acting like he is finally free, and is not offering any support, or childcare at the moment. I wish I lived closer to her so that I could help. I am blessed to have a great marriage. Grant and I fight, and we struggle, but we love each other, are committed to raising our children together, and know that we just have to persevere through the rough times, because there are always better times ahead. I am so very blessed.


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Carol T said...

Amen twice. My best friend's baby boy died on Tuesday, and I keep thinking how grateful I am to have my beautiful, healthy kids.

Anonymous said...

Kim...I love you!!!

Martha said...

Always great to take stock and thank you for reminding me to do just that.