Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Layout 80

This is another layout that I finished last week when Haley and Tara came over. It has been sitting in my project pile for well over a year. I love the idea of strip teases, but in my haste to get this layout done, I cut one without looking at the back. I really wanted to the use the strip that read "I'm more of a jeans and Tshirt kind of girl." but I cut it for the other side..... I was a little stressed. So, "When in doubt, go on vacation" became the title....

this is a relatively simple layout, and it came together quickly; probably because it was all from the same kit.... but it is done. And 99% of my 2008 album is done. I think I have only one more layout to complete! yay me!
Old stuff: Everything! old Cosmo Cricket paper, old brad. that is it!


Haley Marie Ross said...

Screw you & the boat you and your 2008 rode in on... (what??)

Kacey said...

Did you push the brad down?