Sunday, May 24, 2009

10 Randoms... New Garage Sale Knowledge

So the garage sale was successful, but I learned some things about garage sale-ing. I am not a huge garage saler myself, but I have heard about the diehards... and I think we met some yesterday.

1. There will always be a garage sale early bird. You could have only one thing set out on your table, and there is someone there ready to pounce...

2. Drive bys are very common. And I think it is funny that someone will drive by very slowly, and try to judge whether or not they should stop. I mean seriously... how can you tell if there is something you want when you are in the street, and the tables are on a driveway or in a garage??? Too funny.

3. You might as well start to pack up after lunch. We made huge sales in the morning, and only sold about $20 more in the hours after lunch.

4. As soon as you start to pack up, someone will come by and want something. (And the someone is usually someone who "drove by" earlier and didn't come in)

5. Garage sales are better on a nice day. We were so lucky that Mother Nature cooperated. The day was gorgeous. Maybe too gorgeous. I think I got too much sun.

6. Holy hagglers..... Who are these people looking for a better deal than what they are already getting. I am so not a wheeler and dealer. I think that if something is priced, that is what the person wants for it. If it is ridiculously overpriced then I don't think making an offer is silly, but haggling over a dollar??? Seriously?

7. People will always complain about the price of something. I had a BRAND new, never worn, still on hanger with tags baby outfit and a lady asked me how much. I told her $2. (It was three pieces btw), and she said, "Really? For this?"

8. A friend who lives in Central Alberta said that at a garage sale she went to yesterday in a small town close to Red Deer some of the same stamp sets I sold for $4 were being sold (and bought) for $15! why oh why didn't I go up north?!?!? ;)

9. Some people come looking for the "Free Box", will take the free stuff, and nothing else. I would feel very guilty just taking free stuff. I would buy something I didn't want just to make myself feel better.

10. In the first couple of hours we were making a pretty decent hourly wage... but as the day wore on, the wage did too. I am just happy that I have a good deposit for my 18-250mm lens!

So... I still have stuff left, and my friend Catherine is planning a multi-family garage sale this summer. Hopefully I can get the next payment for the lens then!

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Carol T said...

It was a great garage sale! I especially love my new paper collection.
I have violated some of your garage sale rules:
- We have done a "drive-by" or two, especially during the Parade of Garage Sales in Okotoks last weekend. Seriously, some people put out 4 shirts, a sippie cup, and a used diaper because they might sell it. When it takes 5 minutes to unload your kids, you drive by...
- We took a vintage high chair marked "free" last weekend (for Anna's dollies) and didn't buy anything else (there was nothing else to buy but baby clothes, which, THANK GOD, we won't need). But we DID offer money for it.
- I am not a haggler, but I'm related to one. My mother will haggle over 25 cents. Seriously. And she always gets her way!