Thursday, May 14, 2009

Anatomy of a Photo Shoot

(I have no liability insurance... just these two!)

(Cindy and Christy assembling kits.... lol)

(Jennifer WORKING it...)

(allison in action... watch out for doggie doo doo!)

(when we weren't working the camera, we were killing ourselves laughing)

It was the day I had been dreaming about for a very very long time. The day that all of the Monday Night Class girls could get together. We didn't all make it. There were four or five of us missing, but today was the first day that most of us got together.

(Colleen and Tracy braving the elements)

(Christy... looking FIERCE)

They came from far and wide to my place (by far, I mean Pincher Creek, and by wide.... I guess I mean Calgary). The weather was not super cooperative, but Allison can make anyone look good, and she did with us. So we huddled together in the wind and cold, and watched magic happen!

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find any photos of myself on my camera... so pics of everyone else will have to do!


Shannon said...

I'm sure the shoot turned out great. I'm excited to see the results.

Kitchen Utensil said...

looks like a blast!!!!

Allison Orthner said...

Hey chickie!! I just posted a GREAT shot of you on my blog... LOVE IT!!! Thanks for your hospitality yesterday!
Allison Orthner

Carol T said...

I love the shot of you on Allison's blog!