Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Just because

What I should have been doing, was putting my kids to bed. Instead, we decided to plant my containers tonight. I don't know why... I am sure it will snow tonight, only because I planted them. Anyhoo, when I finished that, the sun was setting, and the light was gorgeous... so I took a few pics of the kids.
These are the sunsetty ones..... just so you know that I know what the lighting would be like....

These are the two favorites I got of Avery and Cohen tonight.
Cohen was running around the yard, and it was hard to keep an eye on him, until he found the lawnmower... he climbed up on it, and he was in heaven.... and isn't this the funniest face? I love it. i just bought the Bo Bunny Grease Monkey paper today... this is so going on that....(hey ya'll, wanna ride???)

And this picture of Avery is out at our pumphouse. I was having no luck getting pictures of the two of them together, so I just asked Avery to sit for me. Cohen was hamming it up in the background, which was perfect. It made her just the right amount of happy.
(I really wish she didn't have that coat on....)
And, I think that the proceeds from the garage sale on Saturday are going to go towards a new lens for my camera. I was looking online last night, and I found an 18-250mm lens... omg. how perfect! And it was $549... but then I called my old boss in Rimbey, and she is part of the fotosource chain, and she thinks she can get me a much better price! Yipee!!!

And, with the purchase of the new lens, it is time for me to cut the cord on my film SLR. It was my first major purchase in my life, but I haven't used it for over two years. And it has so many great accessories.... but.... I have entered the digital age. (It is such a good camera.... it even let me spill a rye and coke on it about a year after I got it... and nothin'... ) so... if you want a Pentax Z1P with a lens, camera mount flash, shutter release cord, and handle, let me know.... ;)


Carol T said...

Love love love those shots. Gorgeous.

Martha said...

Great pics of the kids. Rum and coke on your camera eh?? Don't you know to step away from the camera while drinking?? Bad things happen...and then they show up on the net.