Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It pays to take your long lens.................

so in a whirlwind trip to the zoo today, I managed to get these shots. I have never taken my big lens with me and I don't know why. I get decent pictures with my other lens, but not this good. and today was the first time I have been to the Calgary Zoo and saw a tiger doing something other than sleeping. It was laying down. Big difference.... ;) But then it yawned. I am going to pretend it is roaring, but alas, it was just a yawn.

And the pic of the baby gorilla. too cute. I love that they look so grown up and so tiny at the same time.
So, that was our two hours at the zoo. Quick, and perfect.

And... a quick, impromptu 10 randoms about the zoo.
this is what I have learned about my trip to the zoo today.

1. The parking lot that you think is too far away, is actually the closest one.
2. The standy uppy strollers are awesome. Especially if you have three kids. I don't but if I did.... they'd be awesome.
3. Some people who work there don't know everything. Some guy told us there was no such thing as a macaroni penguin. Whatever dude. You need to watch more Diego.
4. It helps to have a friend there to watch your out of control son so that you can get the perfect shot of the tiger.
5. When the animals are all outside things go a lot faster. "there are the hippos and the giraffes! okay, next lions. Oh, they are sleeping. Well off we go." Seriously, we saw all the cool things in less than an hour. The rest of the time was spent going to the bathroom, feeding babies, and playing at the park.
6. Speaking of the playground there..... yikes. I have never let my kids play there, and today, they did. That is the scariest place on earth. I would rather put Avery in front of the Volturi than let her play there. You could so easily lose a kid! And isn't that the perfect place for some creepy pedophile to snatch your kid right up.
7. There is a guy who works at the zoo and his job is apparently two-fold. The first part of his job is to drive that little train around, and give little kids rides. The second part of his job is to insult zoo patrons about their "bad wagon driving". Whatever dude, you are driving a pretend train.
8. Having a zoo pass is worth every penny. Especially since it will soon cost you $5 to park at the zoo.
9. Baby animals are cute. Even baby warthogs. (or whatever they were.)
10. I still have two 2 for 1 passes, and a free child admission.... I guess I will have to go back soon with Arren and her kids!


catherine said...

It was awsome! Your shots are amazing and I will forever protect Cohen from the Tigers (yawning or roaring!)Maybe the stupid train driver an non-beleiver of Macaroni Penguins should sit down to watch Deigo together next time we head to the zoo!

Thanks for a great day!

Martha said...

Great pics of course. That is definately a fantastic yawn-oar. Love the zoo. So worth the membership.

Lee-Anne said...

Isn't the zoo just awesome? Your pics are amazing. I can't wait to try mine out next time I go there.

Carol T said...

I'm torn between buying a Telus World of Science membership and a zoo one...

Great Great Great Great shots. Wow.

Allison Orthner said...

Long live zoom lenses!!! You just can't get those kind of shots without them!! Great job... and if you pretend long enough that the tiger was roaring, pretty soon you will believe it :)

Allison Orthner

Christy Riopel said...

Love the pics...the train guy yelled at me once too...oh...and your not supposed to wish you kids go home with someone else from the playground?

Cynthia said...

Love your pics. Sounds like it was an adventure even without seeing the animals. And you should not have outed yourself with the yawn. i would have thought it was a roar. lol

kaly said...

The last two summers, I had a zoo pass so I could go with the girl I worked with. I took her to the zoo at least twice a week all summer long! It's the most fun!
Great pictures with your long lens! Wow!