Sunday, May 3, 2009

10 Randoms - Why I Love My Clothesline

Unfortunately, laundry is not a one-time deal. Just like that cat, it keeps coming back! Drying it can thus add up to a lot of energy consumption. It’s estimated that five dryers produce the same emissions as an average size car. Depending on the number of individuals in a family, the dryer may be running multiple times in one week. According to Environment Canada, an average household uses approximately 50KWh of electricity per month to dry their clothes. By using a clothesline instead, they could reduce their electricity usage by 600 KWh per year, preventing tonnes of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere. (

So, because this is the case, I use my clothesline as much as possible. Obviously, there are times, that it isn't feasible, but when it is, you can bet I am outside hanging clothes.

1. I love the look of a full clothesline. It lets me know that my laundry is almost completely done. (for now anyway.)

2. Hanging my clothes out to dry reminds me of my Gramma Roth. She had a clothesline at 4202 and it was really cool. The line came right into the house... super cool.

3. I am always tempted to run through the line of clothes. I think it would be so fun. And so cliche. You know the line full of white sheets, and the breeze blowing. How lemonade commercial...

4. I love the smell of sheets that have been dried outside. It is such a fresh smell.

5. I love that my towels are kind of crunchy. But in a good way.

6. I love that my jeans feel like they have been starched, even though they haven't.

7. I have four clotheslines. Four! How great is that? I can honestly pump out the laundry, and then just let nature do the rest. Then I pile them all up in a laundry basket, and fold it all at the end of the day.

8. I love the fact that by not using my dryer, I am saving money. Saving money means more money elsewhere for scrapbook supplies. Hence, I dry on the line.

9. I love to buy a new package of clothespins. They look so cool all identical in the package. I also love that I dump them all into a Crown Royal bag that hangs on my line. I used to keep my lego in the same kind of bag when I was a kid.

10. Obviously, I love that it is yet another thing that I can do to reduce my negative impact on this world. One of Avery's birthday gifts today was in a reuseable bag that read, "Good planets are hard to find". How true is that?

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Carol T said...

You're making me want to get one!!!