Friday, May 22, 2009


my tulips. I love that they grow no matter what...

Sometimes I need to vent. And sometimes it has to happen here because Tara is unavailable to lend her ear. And she is good to vent to. She lives in a different town, so she often doesn't know the people who are driving me crazy, and can offer an objective point of view. But she was gone yesterday... so my only course of action is my blog.
I don't even want to go in to specifics, but I will just say that as a 30 something woman myself, I am shocked and amazed at the behavior of my peers. I kind of always thought, that as a grown woman, I would be surrounded with other women who know how to maturely deal with issues and problems. I didn't think I would encounter other women who would complain, talk about you in front of your back, say "I-Told-You-So" whenever something happens, or who develop some sort of gang mentality. Seriously.
I am pretty sure that we are all out of high school. We don't need to put others down to make ourselves feel as though we have more power over others. Is that really a priority??? And, finally, on a more personal note. I don't like being talked to as though I was four.

And now... on happier notes. These are some pictures I took last night at supper (Cohen's first attempt at corn on the cob), and in the yard as we planted our garden.(I love that he was holding the cob like it was a piece of watermelon)
I recently pulled out my 80-320 lens. Why didn't I do this earlier??? I love that I can zoom right in, not have to crop when I go to print, and I think that I get better quality... I don't know why I think that... but... oh yeah! I also bought a flash diffuser for my camera mount flash. (avery swooshing down the slide)

I am going to Nicole's to take pictures of my niece Nadia today, and that diffuser will come in very handy.

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Martha said...

Oh, wow, I don't even know what to say except I agree...and grrrr to them. So true so true so true. Some people just enjoy drama. Energy suckers.

Love the pics of your kids as always. They are so cute.