Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Garage Sale!

Haley and I are purging. (Not our lunch or anything)... just all of the stuff overwhelming our houses. So, we are having a garage sale at her house in Okotoks on Saturday! Come one, come all! I am hoping to get rid of a bunch of kids' books and toys, as well as a tonne (literally) of Stampin' Up! stamps, and some scrapbooking odds and ends. So if you have nothing to do on Saturday, and want some great deals on great stuff.... watch for the signs... (They will be Cricutted of course...;)

getting the price tags ready

two whole years of CK magazines.... 2006, 2007, and maybe... even 2008

a tote half full of stuff.... stamps, cross stitch, candles, patterned paper.....

and a small sampling of all the stamp sets I want to be rid of

So... just a teaser... I might even put up a few more....if you're lucky ! :)


Carol T said...

I'm saving my pennies!!!

kaly said...

I can't believe I missed it! I actually knew about it, but totally forgot. Blame it on pregnancy brain. Sounds like it went well though!