Sunday, March 1, 2009

10 Random.......Names...

So last night Joanne had some name generator app on her iPhone and her and Haley were having too much fun figuring out what their names were, so I had some fun today, and my list of 10 Randoms are a list of names if I were that type of person...
So here goes

Pro Wrestler - Outlaw Peacemaker
Soap Opera Star - Tiffany Huntington
Superhero - The Amphibious Enigma
Stripper - Jenna Glittertight
Presidential Code Name - Hawkeye
Leprechaun - Bonzi O'Grady
Jedi - Colki Rorim
Vampire - Rosalind Arnauld
Pirate Name - No-Neck Jezebel

and my all time favorite... If I were a child of Sarah Palin, my name would be...

Rake Trinket Palin!

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