Saturday, March 14, 2009

Wishful Spring-king!

I love how nice the last couple of days have been. Compared to early in the week, it is downright balmy. Still only in the single digits, but nice enough for me to go outside in just a hoody!

I took the kids out today to jump around in the puddles in the driveway. The nice thing about the warm weather is that the snow starts to melt. The crappy thing about the nice weather is that the snow starts to melt. I hate the brown, slushy, muddy, wet mess that is early spring. I don't like needing to wash my Tahoe on a daily basis, and hate the footprints my dog tracks in. Therefore, I have decided to not wash my floor until summer. Nice, huh?
Anyhoo, the kids had a great time. They jumped and splashed and ran around the yard, and I ran after them with camera in hand.
The best part? Avery's "outfit" matches this mini album kit I have that i had no idea what to do with. Maybe tonight I will get to scrapbook after all!
The second best part? If I had gone to the Okotoks Scrapbook Convention today, I wouldn't have had this time with my kids.....

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Carol T said...

We missed you, though!