Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mini Album Mania

what is it about mini albums? I love them. I really do. I love to make them. I love to look at other peoples', and I love the creativity that goes into them. So, of course, this is what I have been doing lately. Making them. This one had a plan. I planned on putting my gingerbread house pictures in it. But I have several that are completed, but with no purpose or direction. Am I the only one? Please tell me that there are other people out there who make minis and then never use them again..... please.


Martha said...

Guilty as charged! I do it too, all the time. Love them, make them, look at them, don't fill them.

Haley Marie Ross said...

Um, hello? Where is the shout out to me? I can't take this anymore.... it stings.