Monday, March 9, 2009

10 Randoms..... about the Brier.

I love curling. I always have. I love to curl, watch, and drink. What a perfect sport! So this past weekend, Tara and i went to four draws on the opening weekend of the Brier in Calgary. It was great! It is so different to watch it live. I haven't been to a Brier since the last time it was in Calgary, and I forgot the energy and friendliness of curling fans. So here are my 10 favorite things about this past weekend.

1. Wandering around the Patch with chairs... just looking for a table.
2. Meeting the "oldest gay guy in the world". (I don't know if he is gay.... but he was old.)
3. The lady at the table across from us who loved Stompin' Tom Connors. (we decided it was because she looked like Stompin' Tom Connors.
4. The Ontario Bleacher Creature. This man was Ontario's biggest fan. And I think he has been alive since Ontario became a province... But he would run up and down the Saddledome stairs with his flag. And the crowd would all silently pray that he wouldn't die.
5. 9 drinks on Saturday afternoon. Yep. 9. Look what happens when you let two SAHM moms out in public without children and hubbys......
6. Getting up close and personal with John Morris. He kind of is a jerk. But a hot one.
7. The impromtu exercise routine that the crazy people from Ontario behind us bust into in the 7th end. I am serious. She was stretching and twisting, and bouncing..... weird.
8. Totally getting shut down by Kirk Heuser from CTV. Who cares if I am from only an hour away. Albertans are people too Kirk...
9. Not being able to find the people who you knew were there.... but continuing to run into the same people you don't know....
10. Did I mention John Morris?? Okay, fine. Um......the whole weekend was amazing. I loved every minute of it. So I am going to stop there. There are too many other funny things that happened that just aren't funny for anyone other than Tara and I.....

Thanks for stopping.

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Haley Marie Ross said...

This is funny. Next year invite me for Pete's sake.