Monday, March 23, 2009

And another one done, and another one done.....

or something like that... you know the song... oh wait... I think it is, "And another one's gone, and another one's gone. Another one bites the dust."
Whatever. I have another kit done! Now... what I should really be doing are the write-up, cutting and layout instructions, and supply lists... but nope.. instead, here I blog...
This is done mostly with Bo Bunny paper, and some other cool stuff. I busted out the ole sewing machine too. I forgot how much I like stitching on my pages... I love it. So this is geared towards a baking or cooking layout, but would sooo work with a little baby page too. "Home cooked", and "Family Favorite" are some of the cardstock stickers... Wouldn't that be kind of sweet???

in other news, my sister asked me to be her photographer for her wedding. I was dreading the question, but last week she said that she remembered how much I didn't enjoy my sister Nicole's wedding because I was the photographer, so she wasn't going to ask. Then today, she asked. And today, i said yes.... I agreed to only to only do the formals.... but if you know me, you know i will also be taking a ton of candids. Whatever. she is the only one left to get married. I will have a great time with her and her wedding party. i am more excited to take engagement pictures for them. She said they hadn't planned on it, but i found some really inspiring pictures online today, and her and Rob are perfect for them..... so.... if she wants my professional experience for her wedding, she has to let me "practice" on them for engagements pics!

Thanks for stopping by!

I hope to have more to add this week. Grant is finally home, and that means that I have a little time to myself.. I hope to spend some of that scrapbooking.

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