Sunday, March 29, 2009

10 Randoms... why I had a great time at Crop 4 Kids yesterday.

This photo is of all of the prizes that I came home with. Yep...

1. Duh. i won the cricut expression. How much better could it get?

2. I already have an expression, so I am donating said expression to my school. (feels so good to be able to do that).

3. I was worried that I wouldn't like who I was assigned to sit with. I met two of the nicest ladies yesterday. Serena and Liana. If you are out there. I really enjoyed my day with you. I was very lucky to meet you.

4. I learned more about recycling from Rose than I think most recyclers in the world know put together. And not just recycling. That girl can repurpose anything.... I mean anything. And if you ever need brown ink; she is the gal to go to... ;)

5. Jennifer and Mary ran an amazing event. There wasn't a prize on the door prize table that I wouldn't have been happy winning, the food was yummy, the raffles were very cool, and did I mention that I won the Cricut?? just checking. ;)

6. One of the furnaces in the gymnasium quit working, and we were all freezing, but Crystal from Pantry let me borrow her vest, and I ended up buying some very yummy soup for lunch. And then the heat came back on, and we were almost too warm!

7. You know when you meet someone and just click?? I think that happened yesterday with Jennifer. Who knows if it happened for her, but I think she is an amazing woman, a hard-worker, and solves injustices in the world, one paper pack at a time...

8. I won first place in a layout contest... hence more than just the Expression in the picture.

9. I found the most perfect paper for the layout I did of my Grammie. It was beyond perfect. And it was in Pantry's store there. (I'll post the pic later)

10. They raised a ton of money for the Children's Hospital. And I hope my kids never need to be there, but if they do, I know they will receive excellent care.

So there you have it.... I was happy for so many more reasons than just winning the big prize...!


Shannon said...

It was cool to meet you yesterday. Crystal saved me too by lending me a hoodie!

Jennifer R said...

Are you talking about me.. in #7???? If it was.. I feel the same way!!! I will send you the pictures of me "trying" to steal the Expression from you.
I'm glad you had asuch a great time!!! It was an amazing experience for me!!!!